PhD Fellowship Strategic Basic Research

The FWO supports fundamental and basic scientific research, stimulates international cooperation and promotes equal opportunity.

The FWO Fellowships strategic basic research are available to young researches who intend to obtain a PhD degree by research at a Flemish institution. The research has to be aimed at economical valorisation on the long term.


Two terms of 2 years

Who can apply?

    • Master degree graduation no longer than 3 years ago
    • Master degree from EEA (EU, Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein) or Switzerland
    • No more than 18 months of scientific work experience at submission date
    • Your promoter: ZAP, ERC grant holder or promoter of Odysseus II project

      How does it work?

      1. Online application (in English): Deadline 1 March (17:00)
      2. Your promoter is asked by the FWO to write a letter of recommendation (≠ a standard impersonal letter)
      3. Preselection by the expert panel (= first round)
      4. Oral defense to an international expert panel (in English) (= second round)
      5. Scoring on 3 criteria: Candidate, project and application potential
      6. Decision by Board of Trustees: October 2019
      7. Feedback
      8. Start of fellowship: 1 November

      How much funding is involved?

      • Monthly scholarship: min. € 2.015,51 / month
      • Bench fee: 3.720 EUR / year

      More information

      Information sessions


      Research Department