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08-10-2020 14:30 Arslan, Aysu Design and development of photo-crosslinkable urethane-based polymers for unprecedented scaffold manufacturing
02-10-2020 13:00 Tiano, Justin Evaluating the consequences of bottom trawling on benthic pelagic coupling and ecosystem functioning
01-10-2020 14:00 Hastuti, Agustina Ari Murti Budi Copper, Iron, and Zinc Isotopic Analysis via Multi-Collector ICP-MS: Towards Understanding Metal Homeostasis in Pathological Conditions
28-09-2020 17:00 Gunst, Klaas Tree tensor networks in quantum chemistry
18-09-2020 16:30 Van Couwenberghe, Michiel Decomposition algebras and axial algebras
18-09-2020 16:00 Salvato, Daniele The influence of fission products on the microstructural evolution of UMo based fuel systems – (nano)bubbles, interaction layers and recrystallization
15-09-2020 16:00 Zhu, Shanshuo Regulation of protein abundance by internal and external stimuli in Arabidopsis
14-09-2020 15:00 Zeng, Min Extending the optical properties of cesium lead halide perovskite nanocrystals through lanthanide functionalization
11-09-2020 17:00 Mor, Eliana A molecular framework for the control of cell division orientation during plant vascular development
11-09-2020 16:00 Praet, Nore Towards the construction of a lacustrine paleoseismic record in south-central Alaska: a trembling tale of landslides and turbidites
11-09-2020 16:00 Kassymov, Aidyn Basic functional and geometric inequalities for the fractional order operators on homogenous Lie groups
10-09-2020 16:00 Depoorter, Eliza Burkholderia: taxonomy and biotechnological potential as antibiotic producers
04-09-2020 16:15 Bisschop, Karen The spatial and community-context of ecological specialisation
04-09-2020 16:00 Matthijs, Caroline Development of AP-MS tools to explore the chromatin landscape and low affinity interactions in plants
04-09-2020 14:45 Droesbeke, Martijn Sustainable Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives from Terpenoids
03-09-2020 16:00 Võ, Tẩt Thẳng Causal inference in meta-analysis and mediation analysis
28-08-2020 16:00 Goetschalckx, Pieter Local Symmetry Preserving Operations on Polyhedra
27-08-2020 16:00 Li, Jin Unraveling the function of genes involved in phenylpropanoid metabolism selected via co-expression and mGWAS in Arabidopsis
27-08-2020 15:00 Diez Sierra, Javier Superconductors with Preformed Nanocrystals: from Laboratory to Industry
26-08-2020 16:00 De Muynck, Amélie Quality preservation, dosimetry and Hounsfield units in X-ray micro-CT