Postgraduate Studies in Weather and Climate Modeling

Lecture and infomoment postgraduate studies ‘Weather and Climate Modelling’

The modelling of weather and climate is a hot research topic. The warmest 4 years are the last 4 years and it is virtually certain that 2019 will join this series.

Extreme weather (hail, floods, heat waves,…) often results in huge human and economic losses. What type of climate can we expect in the future? Will it ever be possible to make perfect weather forecasts? In the highly urbanized world of 2019, megacities face very specific challenges such as air pollution and the urban heat island (see for this phenomenon in Gent). Can we use atmospheric models to investigate potential solutions (e.g. more green in the city,...) for these urban atmospheric problems?





Ghent University and the Royal Meteorological Institute of Belgium (RMI) organize the unique postgraduate program ‘Weather and Climate Modelling’ to prepare scientists for a career in the previously described topics. During this program, national and international experts active at different scientific institutes (RMI, VITO,..) explain the students in detail how weather and climate models are functioning.

Interested? An infomoment will be organised on Wednesday 15th May (19h00 – 20h30 in room 1.1, building S9, campus De Sterre). Dr. Steven Caluwaerts (Ghent University) and prof. Piet Termonia (RMI, Ghent University) will give 2 mini-lectures about weather and climate modelling. Afterwards they will provide more details about the postgraduate program. You are all very welcome!

Detailed program

  • 19h00: mini-lecture dr. Steven Caluwaerts (UGent): How local do you want your weather forecast?
  • 19h20: mini-lecture Robin Baeyens (KULeuven, PhD student): Modelling the atmosphere on other planets.
  • 19h40: mini-lecture Prof. dr. Piet Termonia (UGent, RMI): Today's challenges for weather and climate modelling.
  • 20h00 (for those interested): practical information about postgraduate program

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